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Hi there,


If you are reading this thread, chances are that you've been punished on SpaceCadets.

Firstly, we would like to make it clear that it is very rare for us to give you 'grace treatment', reducing bans and mutes you have received. Appeals are made if you believe that you were unfairly punished, either if you did not do anything wrong or received the incorrect punishment. Below is what you need to know about appealing.


You must register a forums account with your banned account by typing "/register {email}" in the lobby.

You must create a thread in the "Ban Appeals" topic, explaining why you think your punishment should be change/revoked, along with any evidence that you have and extra statements.

The correct staff member will read over your appeal as soon as they can, and in the meantime, please do not nag staff on our Discord or in game to look at your appeal.


Thanks for reading,

Zak Shearman.

10 months ago

Hi everyone!

Below you can find information on what has been decided as the official requirements to apply for staff on Space Cadets. These requirements only apply to Trainee applications, for other types of applications, you must contact a member of management privately.

The requirements:

  • No severe past punishments
  • 20 forums posts
  • Active on all platforms (Forums, Discord, Minecraft)
  • 20 hours of playtime
  • 2 months since first join
  • 10 player reports (must be on the forums)

Good luck to everyone that is applying to become a staff member, we look forward to reading your applications. Please make sure to read the FAQ post on staff applications before applying.

One more thing, you apply https://www.spacecadets.space/forums/apply/ 😉 and remember, you will be given a link to edit your response once you have submitted your application so do not share it with anyone else.

I look forward to hearing from you,


11 months ago